Northern Lights Blue Pilates Ball

Blue Pilates Ball

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Achieve a full-body workout and improve your posture by using the Poz-A-Ball. This lightweight and portable pilates ball is only 19cm (7.5”) in diameter and has an anti-slip texture, offering excellent grip.

The Poz-A-Ball provides an unstable base of support, designed to activate your deepest stabilizing muscles. The ball will also enhance your workout by helping you develop strength, endurance and concentration as well as to help promote relaxation and coordination. 


  • Ideal for fitness users of all levels
  • Intensifies your workout and helps you to improve your strength, endurance and concentration
  • Aids in improving coordination and relaxation
  • Textured anti-slip provides exceptional grip
  • Size: 19cm (7.5')
  • Colour: Blue*